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Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie Review: Letters to God

 Letters to God is a heart-warming story about an eight-year-old boy, named Tyler, living with cancer and his stead-fast faith in Jesus. Although Tyler's faith seems to be unshakeable, his mom and brother struggle with their trust in God's  wisdom, and the journey that may lead to his death. Meanwhile, enter a neighborhood postman, Brady, that has many struggles of his own. First, he is an alcoholic and second he has lost custody of his son. Tyler talks out his struggles by writing letters to God, through which we see how unshakeable his faith is and also how much he cares about those around him. Brady is not sure what to do with these letters addressed simply, TO: GOD, his supervisor suggests it's up to him, so he begins reading them. What happens next will take you on a journey of emotions, from laughter to tears then to a place of wonderment of steadfast faith. Tyler's whole neighborhood, his best friend as well as his arch enemy from school are touched by his true display of trust in God. Letters to God is a tear-jerker, an inspiration and a great family film, based on a true story. I would recommend this for families with children eight and up because it deals with alcoholism and death. Mom's, have the tissues handy! Families, be ready to be challenged to walk the walk no matter what obstacles you face living in this fallen world. www,christianbook.com(find this movie at this link)   

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